1. ALWAYS LOCK UP YOUR SNOWMOBILE. At home, in transit, on a trailer or truck bed, or while stopped and away from your vehicle on the trail.
  2. DON’T LOCK YOUR SNOWMOBILE in the same location all the time – thieves notice patterns.
  3. THIEVES GO FOR THE EASIEST TARGET; lock in a location where there are other vehicles if you have the option.
  4. WHEN RIDING ON TRAILS, locking two or more sleds together is an optional lock-up.
  5. DO NOT LOCK your front skis as these are removable.
  6. ALWAYS SECURE accessories, especially those that can be easily removed like helmets and jackets.


When locking your snowmobile make sure to use a chain through the frame of the snowmobile fixed to an immovable object. When on the trail, chaining snowmobiles together is an option and can be helpful when hauling 2 snowmobiles together as well.



Evolution Mini-9 Evolution Mini-9
Evolution 1016 Integrated Chain Evolution 1016 Integrated Chain
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